Q: Why is my electric gate opening and closing slowly?

A: Low Battery or Power Source

Q: How can I spot a broken spring?

A: There will be a gap in the spring. It will open a bit then close again

Q: How often should I tune up my garage door?

A: Heavy Duty and Wooden Doors - every 6 months. Standard Metal Doors (Uses 4-6 times a day) - 1 year

Q: What is the most common reason my electric gate won't open/close?

A: Photo eye or broken chain

Q: Why does the garage door "pop" when it closes?

A: Door has been damaged, lost structural integrity, or the tracks need to be adjusted

Q: Why won't the garage door close

A: Photo eye mis-alignment

Q: Why is gate chain sagging?

A: Chains stretch over time and will need adjusting

Q: Why does my electric gate make noises?

A: Loose chain or broken roller barring

Q: How do I know if I need to replace the battery in my remotes?

A: Range will be limited and light will not flash

Q: Can I just replace 1 garage door panel?

A: Yes, as long as the manufacturer hasn't discontinued the color or style